At SDS, there have been many requests to cater more to the bass house crowd. At the office, we had a few bass house selectors that were willing to put their cards on the table and provide you guys with some absolute bangers for the weekend! Get ready for the filth.



Godspell (feat. Taiki Nulight) – Tchami, Taiki Nulight

French heavyweight Tchami is already a household name for thick tasty house basslines; a distinctive trait with the house revival label Confessions hosting Malaa as well. Couple that with Taiki Nulight’s bass synths and you have a juicy bass house track to open up the pool, floor or pit. The choice is yours.



BROHUG is as the name suggests, a nice gesture to bring you closer. Snap is a versatile opener track to bring in the crowd and start your build. BROHUG even gives you enough space to add your FX and remixes to it. Oh snap.


Headline Tracks

Firetruck – Subshock & Evangelos

Firetruck is definitely an appropriate name to this lit song. Drawing influence from the UK Bass scene, the high frequencies are a focus here to give a twist to the bass house sound. The reggae vocals are a nice buildup to lead into the heavier 2nd drop; this will be your fire starter.


Ocho Cinco – Autoerotique Remix – DJ Snake, Yellow Claw

 When you need a bit of something different, you can trust the French producer Autoerotique to bring a new flavour to a solid sound. With the down beat playing with the bass growls, you know this is going to be a good curveball track that can set the weekend up nicely.


4 Real – JOYRYDE Swurve Remix – Destructo, Ty Dolla $ign, iLoveMakonnen

Trap is an amazing ingredient to mix in a bass house banger. Ty Dolla $ign’s vocals bring a different energy and suspense to the set and the 2nd drop is definitely a nice distorted  nuclear sounding bass that you can still chill and vibe to. The dark wave bass is back.


Blow Ya Mind – Mightyfools

Blow Ya Mind is an absolute diamond in the rough. Hailing from the Barong Family label, Mightyfools are definitely a bass house juggernaut. Drawing inspiration from UK Garage and Bass, the buildup with throwback UK vibes and blending it with a modern bass drop has set this track to be an absolute banger. Prepare for your mind to be blown.


Disco Weapon – MOTi, Maurice West

Disco Weapon is like what Daft Punk would sound like on a bass house bender. The energy levels are through the charts and will guarantee set people off the rails! The dancefloor will never be the same after the disco weapon is drawn.



Make A Move – Habstrakt Remix – Torro Torro, Habstrakt

You cannot listen to bass house bangers without seeing Habstrakt’s name in the features. One of the best producers in the game, Habstrakt has teamed up with Torro Torro to create a nice closer track to your set with lush vocals and thick bass growls.


Shades of Gray (Ft. Delaney Jane) Ephwurd Remix – Oliver Heldens, Shaun Frank, Delaney Jane

Oliver Heldens is already a dance floor house assassin. By teaming up with Ephwurd to add the filthy bass is a beautiful match made in house heaven.



Don’t Let Me Down – Ephwurd Remix – The Chainsmokers, Daya, Ephwurd

What else is there to say about Chainsmokers? Add them and Ephwurd and you have the perfect bass house banger to close your set. En fin.



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