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Club Ready DJ School

It's time to see what you're capable of

Our Club Ready DJ Course is the leading and most affordable online DJ course on the planet. We waste no time teaching you the skills needed to play great sets that make an incredible impact. By the end of the course you will be able to DJ at a professional standard no matter what DJ gear is in front of you.

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Club Ready DJ Course

  • World Class Training. Over 50 training videos
  • Do in your own time, on your own terms
  • Pro mixing techniques explained simply
  • By the end of the course you’ll be able to mix all genres of music
  • Lifetime access. Yours to keep forever
  • Customer support
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All of our students are given live shows at our club events in Newtown! Our events are a great opportunity to get live experience and meet like minded DJs and industry people. Playing live is not compulsory but no matter what you decide to do I will teach you to DJ at a standard good enough to headline club events with confidence. Are you ready to accept my challenge?

Limited edition bonuses

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Bonus Advanced Courses

For a very limited time we are offering 3 x advanced transition online course that you can keep forever! These videos are the game changes you have been waiting for. The videos in this bonus section have the power to take your mixing skills to a superior level. This bonus content is possibly more valuable than the course price itself and is free with the Club Ready DJ Course for a very limited time.

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Bonus Club Pack

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It's time to put your skills to the test

This section is for all the DJs that want to play live. You will learn how to develop your brand and market yourself with the goal of building an epic fanbase. I will share priceless industry insights on how to approach venues for shows and, once you get shows, what it will take to get repeat shows and score a residency.

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100% committed to your success


Over 2000 songs - all club edits! Tech House, Bass House, Deep House, House EDM, Trap, Party Tunes, RNB, Hip Hop, Pop.


Practise for free in our world class rehearsal studios.


Get priceless tips and advice from our team of event managers and industry people.


Meet likeminded legends / DJs around the world and get gig opportunities.

The Complete Package

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Buy now: $245

5 Courses to get you
into clubs fast

  1. Club Ready DJ Course
  2. Bonus Advanced House Course
  3. Bonus Advanced Heavy Dance Course
  4. Bonus Advanced Party Course
  5. Bonus Club Pack

Buy Now $395 $245

What People Are Saying

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What's the difference between this and the one on one course?

All our courses cover the same content, if anything the online course covers way more as we are not limited by how much time we have together. No matter the course all my students get the same perks (free music, feedback on mixes, club shows, DJ community access) the only real difference, in buying the online course, is that you can do it in your own time at your own leisure. Truth is, the bonuses alone (club experience, music, feedback) are already worth the $175 and the online course is worth that amount 10x over.

No matter the course the result is the same: you being able to play in clubs at a world class standard. My online students are as good as the one on one students, it comes down to wether you need individual attention or not.


You are only one step away for joining the hottest DJ course on the planet.

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