Crate Digging in the 21st Century

Crate Digging in the 21st Century


Back in the day, you will hear the old timers spending a pretty day and dime looking for the freshest vinyls. Nowadays, finding the hottest bangers are just a click away. So what are the best ways find the new dope tracks?


Soundcloud ‘Related Tracks’ & ‘Playlists’

Despite being close to going under, Soundcloud will always be the haven of those fresh new underground tracks and bootlegs. For the uninitiated, using the ‘Related Tracks’ and ‘Playlists’ on the right and clicking “view all”. You will suddenly have a treasure trove of songs that mix well and build the vibe you’re looking for.


Spotify Music ‘Song Radio’ & Playlists

For Spotify, the ‘Related Tracks’ function is called ‘Song Radio’. Right click on a track and it should be the second option. You will then be able to go to the Song Radio and see all the related tracks that Spotify has prepared for you.


For Playlists, just search a genre or even playlist name and voila, the query results should be what you’re looking for (or close).


Apple Music ‘Start Station’ & Playlists

Apple Music’s version of ‘Related Tracks’ is ‘Create Station’. Playlists are similar to Spotify.


Beatport Top 100 & ‘Recommended Tracks’

This is a classic strategy for most modern DJs now. Although the Top 100 usually has the most popular and used tracks, it is a good starting point and you can start branching off with the ‘Recommended Tracks’ section.


Online media – Resident Advisor, Complex, Vice, InTheMix, Purple Sneakers, Boiler Room, Earmilk


Honestly, just surfing on the internet and hitting one of these websites will get you a DJ Mix or EP/Album release that will pique your interest.


Artist co-signs on Twitter, Instagram and Social Media

This is a surefire way to find dope/absolute trash mixes and tracks. However, if the artist you are bumping and vibing to is supporting fellow artists and influences, chances are you will  bump and vibe to that too.