DJs and their Jets – A journey through Instagram

DJs and their Jets – A journey through Instagram


Bill Gates once said, that the only real ‘guilty pleasure’ he owns is a private jet; to be able to manage his charity organisations better. Now fast forward past the EDM boom and now the top 1% of DJs have baby private jets. So what does the DJ jet life look like?


DJ Snake – Lonely

DJ Snakey Snake is the most prominent new edition to the DJ jet club. But unlike the other members, DJ Snake always feels lonely and remorseful for having a jet. This is strange especially when you see Steve Aoki doing jumping jacks on his jet. I guess DJ Snake has really found a reason to turn down.


Diplo & Major Lazer – Cramped

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Diplo and Major Laser seem to lack the space to even express themselves. You can definitely see space is a luxury on a private jet. Private jets were not meant for sharing with your entourage. Maybe sometimes you don’t need somebody to lean on.


Deadmau5 – No Skittles

One thing that makes or breaks a private jet flight is the in flight snacks. Here dead mow cinco has revealed that Skittles availability is never a certainty. What’s the point of sinking of $100s of millions of dollars to turn up and have no Skittles? That’s why deadmau5 looks a bit ‘meh’ in the private jet photos.


Steve Aoki – The Right Way

Steve Aoki seems to be the only one to be “stoki” to have a jet. He literally looks like he’s in a Jetstar ad when he’s flying. He’s definitely getting the right kind of Skittles and Pringles in his in flight snacks. He also has a good amount of entourage to accompany him. Aoki has learnt from the other DJs mistakes and can now be the jet club president.


Skrillex – Noticeable Missing

Skrillex does indeed have pictures of him in private jets, but it is unconfirmed whether he owns one for himself. He seems to prefer his Phunkee Duck hoverboard instead, and honestly, I think everyone would.