It’s a cool Friday night on Oxford St. But there’s an energy making it warmer as I head to the Oxford Circus. A crowd of young party-goers are dressed casual rugged; ready as if to go to an exclusive warehouse party.

A short distance away from the pack, stands a young man in a vintage denim jacket, European-worn Stan Smiths and a distinctive black “FULL METAL” bandana wrung across his neck. He looked like a lone ranger, drawing a cigarette and staring off in the distance, completely unaffected by the excited mass of people. The lone ranger was Goose. And he was opening Pecudet in 5 minutes.

Come join the Pecudet circus.

What has Goose been up to since Banquet?

Been busy man! Working a lot during the day and focusing on the music on the free time, been playing at some venues around Sydney, starting to get into the scene!

Where was Mijo that night (his parrot)?

Haha Mijo sometimes needs to stay home, that was gonna be a long night and he needs his sleep every now and then 😉

What is Pecudet and how did it start?

Pecudet was created by an Argentinean friend of mine, we are 4 friends who share the passion for the music and when we started playing together and seeing that we made sense he brought us in.

How would you describe Pecudet to the classic punter?

Pecudet is a series of parties made focusing on the music, we choose a good headliner from Sydney and make the night work for that, you’ll always experience a well thought out night with tunes that take you through a journey. We’re lucky to have a lot of friends that are into this music so we always get a really friendly and nice vibe at our parties.

The venue is called the Oxford Circus, how did it feel playing at the Circus?

The venue is amazing! Looks old and trippy which really helps the vibe, the dance floor can hold a good bunch of people but it always feel like it’s full so sets there feel just amazing!

How do you know the other DJs?

We’ve met partying of course! We had the nationality in common and then the music, when we started spinning together we just hit it off.

The crowd was loving your progressive house mix! How did it feel to play your set that night?

Ahhh, loved that set! I hadn’t had the chance to play progressive in sydney yet, was really looking forward to it, and yes, people were going crazy and dancing their asses off, couldn’t ask for more!

What inspired you to change your style from tech house to prog house?

It’s not that i’ve changed my style, I’ve always liked progressive house a lot but right now I play what makes sense at the venue, this time I had the chance to play one of my favourite genres and I was stoked!

The sound and club gear of the Oxford Circus is incredible, how did it feel playing with this setup?

Loved it! It makes so much difference to play with good gear and being able to really feel the music.

Your DJing and presence has definitely improved since Banquet, have you been working on your skills in the lab?

Haha you can say that! I’m putting the hours in the bedroom that’s for sure. I’m also getting together with a lot of DJs from the scene and learning a lot from them, it helps a lot!

Is there another Pecudet in the works? And if so, what are your plans?

Next Pecudet should be in a months time, will keep you posted but we have some sick headliner for this one 😉!

Listen to Goose’s Pecudet Set: