The Press Kit and why it is essential

The Press Kit and why it is essential

What So Not & Flume quacking themselves to press kit glory (credit NestHQ)

Sammy Boyle at the doors of ‘press kit’ glory. (credit: Sammy Boyle)

Before the internet, agents would spend thousands to develop artists ‘press kits’ and send them to booking agents, venues and promoters. They contained artist biographies, professional photos, music, press reviews and artist interviews.

Thanks to the internet, you can do it now for free. The ‘press kit’ is now an ‘electronic press kit’ (EPK). The EPK could be a PDF, website or even a Facebook page. The music industry is competitive, so you need an EPK that is professional, stands out and attracts the right people. Here are a few tips for making a fetch EPK:

Artist Biography

Your boy Donatachi (SYD) on the come-up.

Less is more my friend. Try to keep it punchy and intrigue the reader. A couple short paragraphs on who you are, what type of music you play, who inspires you, who have you played with, where you have played and what you are working on is more than enough. Check out the upcoming talent Donatachi’s bio.


It ain’t over with Tenova

Try to have a photo that ties the whole piece together (like Tenova above). Remember this is the most powerful element to attract your audience. This will also be the photo that the venue or promoter will use in their promotions. Be professional. Be creative. Be different.


Make those remixes and bangers! Collab with the crew! Get those mixes recorded and clean! Show the industry that you are the person to vibe with! The rest is up to you my friend.


What So Not & Flume quacking themselves to ‘press kit’ glory. (credit: NestHQ)

This is one of the press kits elements that can really make a difference. This could be a hype trailer or a cool montage. It shows the industry an idea of what your live performance is like and the crowds’ reaction. You can even be clever like What So Not and their track, ‘The Quack’ for creating hyped up crowd clips.

Press Reviews & Interviews

“No one wants to be a fireman anymore. Everyone wants to be a DJ” – Brodinski

Play amazing shows, make friends with the media and get great reviews! Same for interviews. Be you, be kind and be respectful. People notice and vibe to cool cats like that. Then add the articles, photos and video clips on your EPK! Also if many media outlets have interviewed or covered you, add a section for them called ‘supporting press’ – see Tenova’s EPK.

Tour Dates

Add some tour dates and locations not just for the industry but for the people! It’s cool to see an act performing at the local rave.

Social Media

Dillon and his estranged lover Gerald

Make sure to keep your social pages fresh! Document where you have played and where you will be playing. Be consistent but different. Use humour. Appease the meme gods. Show the industry that you are the full package and can attract a crowd to their venues! DJ Hanzel knows what’s up.

Contact Information

Add your primary agent, booking agents and anyone else that you feel would need to be contacted for you to play at shows.

The legendary rave cave at Candys Apartment.

The press kit is pretty much the package that shows all sides of you. A good press kit attracts people. A great press kit gets you hired for gigs. So get out there and get quacking!