Just another day in the office for THRILLS. (credit: Greenwood Thursdays)

DJ Thrills is a beast on the decks. Fresh from winning Your Shot 2017, he has been playing in clubs all around Sydney, working on his own business and now has started to ramp up his production game. Collabing with Bajillionaire, their newly released track “We See” breathes life into the electro and bass scene, adding in the heartfelt stories and experiences of Bajillionaire. Generally interested of how Thrills has been, Sydney DJ School decided to use this release as a sign to catch with Thrills. Check out below.

DJ Thrills! How has life been for you since winning Your Shot?

BUSY; I’m at uni full time and working on gigs and music in between! Winning YS has kept the growth I’ve been working on for the last three years going!

Can you tell us the inspiration for your new track with Bajillionaire?

The story behind We See is actually about an experience that Charlie explained to me, and after hearing the story, I wrote the lyrics and we went from there!

You’ve collabed with Bajillionaire before for “Been Gone”! How is it working with Charlie in the studio?

Charlie’s the best; I’m really new to producing so he teaches me along the way about the ins and outs of Ableton. We bounce ideas of each other really well and push each other to be creative, it works very well.

“We See” seems to take on after “Been Gone”, would you say there’s a connection there?

There isn’t a connection that was purposely created, but whenever Charlie and I make music we aim to tell a story, and highlight passion and emotion in real life situations; I guess both tracks have that in common.

There’s definitely influences of Flume & What So Not, were there any reference tracks that you had when producing this song?

Not specifically! Just a Gent and the names you mentioned definitely inspired a style, but the sounds are all authentic, we were really happy with the fact that we were able to create something pretty unique and off the wall.

Do you look up to any particular producers out there?

Absolutely! Quix, Enschway, and Kuren come to mind instantly. Charlie has his own role models in the industry too which definitely shape what we’re trying to create when we write music because we really look up to these guys (and girls), and their ability to share a story and touch everyone through their tunes!.

What are your tips on learning production for the fellow DJs out there?

I’m still new to producing so i’d really push the importance of making friends who are incredible (like charlie), and vibing off them. Creating friendships that are mutually beneficial are so key to learning such an important skill in the music industry.

What’s next in the world of production for Thrills?

Working on a remix of a pretty popular radio track, and trying to get through my first solo original which will be much more of a ‘club track,’ and hopefully working on a few collabs with other artists. Very exciting times indeed.