Top Raves Around the World

Top Raves Around the World


With Division Agency (Days Like This, Goodbar) organising upcoming warehouse events around Sydney called, “The Warehouse Collective”, it was fitting for us at SDS to show you some raves all around the world for some inspiration.

The first instalment of the Warehouse Collective will be 16th Dec with The Presets headlining.


Nasty Mondays, Barcelona

NAME: Nasty Mondays

LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain

RESIDENTS: Kosmos, Radiocontrol, and Rho if you’re into electro; MadMax and Soren if you’re all about the devil horns.

VIBE: Spanish sock-hop.

VENUE: Apolo, a former theater that now hosts a wild range of different parties (and crowds) every night.

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Mondays. Duh.



When in Robe, NYC

NAME: When in Robe

LOCATION: Brooklyn, New York


RECENT HEADLINERS: Curses, Party Supplies

VIBE: Pseudo-lavish spa rave

VENUE: Body By Brooklyn, a 10,000 square foot bathhouse with equal fondness for health and hedonism.

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Every other Sunday



Sick, Sad World – Oakland

NAME: Sick Sad World

CITY: Oakland, California

RESIDENTS: Bobby Peruu, Neto, So What, SpaceghostGuMMyBeAR

RECENT HEADLINERS: Total FreedomMassacooramaanRusty LazerD33JMORRI$FriendzoneDepressed Teenager

VIBE: It’s a shitshow—basically a place where all the sad people in Oakland meet up to get #CRYPHY (crunk and hyphy, if you’re old).

VENUE: It started in a scary biker bar in the fruit shipping and packing district of Oakland before moving to a venue uptown. One of the bouncers there beat up Brontez from Younger Lovers, so we decided to drop that place. Next, we settled into this place called Rec Center Studios that was basically a storage unit in downtown Oakland. We had a good thing going there until it got shut down. Since then, we’ve been rotating venues trying to find THE spot.

COST: 0 – $10, depending on the night.

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Right now we do the party quarterly or whenever the vibes are right. We’ve been throwing it at basically any place that’s willing to give us a chance to blow the spot up.



Club Chemtrail, Portland OR

NAME: Club Chemtrail

LOCATION: Portland, Oregon

RESIDENTS: SPF666CommuneMassacooramaan

RECENT HEADLINERS:  Kingdom, Vjuan Allure, DJ NA of Nguzunguzu, Dubbel Dutch



Forever Young, Amsterdam

NAME: Forever Young

CITY: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

RESIDENTS: AiscreamJordy & Sander Huisman

RECENT HEADLINERS: “Forever Young’s focus is on the music genre, not on who’s playing it.”

VIBE: The 90s are back, but you’re old enough to drink.

VENUE: Chicago Social Club

COST: €7,50 presale or €10 at the door

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Once every three months on Saturdays



Early Friday, Cape Town

NAME: Early Friday
CITY: Cape Town, South Africa
RESIDENTS: There are no resident DJs. They book different local DJs for every event. Previous guests include BarefootDarnyillPuppy ClubJUNGLE FEVER, and Crazy White Bitches.
RECENT HEADLINERS: Anyone and everyone—Early Friday keeps it local and in the family for now.
VIBE: Cute college students playing hooky drunk on tequila.
VENUE: The Waiting Room
COST: Free
WHEN DOES IT HAPPEN: Every Friday, 4-8PM



Hidden Agenda, Dublin

NAME: Hidden Agenda

CITY: Dublin, Ireland

RESIDENTS: Niall Darcy, Colin Devine

RECENT HEADLINERS: LoveBirds, Krystal KlearKidnap KidBondaxJamie XXTodd Terje

VIBE: Modern art sweat lodge

VENUE: The Button Factory

COST: Ticket prices vary

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Every Saturday



Shake ’n’ Bass, ORL Florida

NAME: Shake ‘n Bass

CITY: Orlando, FL

VENUE: BackBooth, a punky dive bar filled with vintage arcade games.

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Every Sunday night


RECENT HEADLINERS: Swizzymack, DJ Sliink, DJ Sega, Nadus, DJ Craze, DJ Funk, Rell the Soundbender, DJ Blass, Mr. Vega/Ricky Vaughn (formerly of Sazon Booya), Comrade de Xao, Ackeejuice Rockers, 2DEEP, Minimaxx & DJEJ, & Kid Cedek

VIBE: “A Diplo concert without Diplo,” according to resident Dr. Khan



Rebel Rebel, Rome

NAME: Rebel Rebel

LOCATION: Rome, Italy

RECENT HEADLINERS: Scuba, Tale of Us, Nina Kraviz

VIBE: Hundreds of dilated pupils and endless hours of undulating house music

VENUE: Warehouse, an industrial (you guessed it) warehouse in the outskirts of Rome

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Saturdays, once a month



YOH!, Cape Town


LOCATION: Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa

RESIDENTS: WTVR, grmmz grmmz, Boyz2Men, John Dope, Lil Juicy

RECENT HEADLINERS: John Wizards, Gateway Drugs, Fever Trails

VIBE: “All about whatever, man,” as both Drake and the founders of YOH! put it.

VENUE: The two-city party inhabits former assembly plant The Assembly when in Cape Town, and restaurant-turned-club Kitcheners when in Johannesburg.




Motorik!, Sydney

NAME: Motorik!

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

RESIDENTS: The Finger Prince, CSMNT61, Vivi (AKA The Motorik! Vibe Council), Linda Marigliano, Jensen Interceptor and Wordlife

RECENT HEADLINERS: Tiga, Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Thomas Von Party, Wordlife, Jon Convex, Maelstrom, Louisahhh!!!, and Harvard Bass

VIBE: A golden triangle of excellent techno

VENUE: Warehouses all over Sydney, with occasional concessions to legal parties at the former goth and fetish venue (and current bro-haven) Club 77

WHEN IT HAPPENS: When the stars align and everything clicks into place and stuff just works out… so like, once a month.



Girls Girls Girls, Paris

NAME: Girls Girls Girls

LOCATION: Paris, France

RESIDENTS: BettyChChChen and Piu Piu

RECENT HEADLINERS: Mykki Blanco, Sampha, Lil Silva, Ikonika, Kelela, Nightwave, Moxie, Nina Las Vegas, Jubilee

UPCOMING HEADLINERS: Jackmaster and Spencer of Numbers

VIBE: Bad bitches HQ, or if you took your girly sleepover to the club

VENUE: Perennial cool-kids hangout, Social Club

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Every other month, with semi-regular parties in London and Berlin too

UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT: Brooke Candy wanting to kill a “gypsy bitch” chick who had slapped her on stage.



Numbers, Tokyo

NAME: Numbers Tokyo

LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan


RECENT HEADLINERS: Jackmaster, Mike Q, Girl Unit, Bok Bok, Nick Hook, Roska

VIBE: A pitch black basement awash in a sea of smoke and lasers

VENUE: Module, a split-level club in the perenially trendy Shibuya neighborhood

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Sporadically


Rinsed, NYC

NAME: Rinsed

LOCATION:  Secret locations throughout Brooklyn, New York

RESIDENTS: Dan WenderBlacky IIA.Pop 

RECENT HEADLINERS: Crystal Waters, MK, Inner City, Jackmaster, Chris Malinchak, Jacques Greene

VIBE: A dark warehouse where techno is an aphrodisiac

VENUE: Roving locations throughout Brooklyn

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Sporadically—the party only happens when the Rinsed crew can guarantee it’ll be one crazy, dirty, dancing-till-dawn deal.


Content from THUMP (Vice) author Lina Abascal – “Around the World in 80 Raves”: