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Recommended speakers for home, house parties and events Image

People are always asking me what speakers should I get and the very first question I ask them is what do you plan to use them for. IN this video I will share, based on my own experience, what are the bets speakers for home and studio use, for little parties, for private functions and all the way up to bigger parties.

Categorising music Image

I recently did a video on how to get out of sticky situations and the long and short of it is, the more prepared you are the less likely you'll even find yourself in a sticky situation, so in this video I will share with you some common ways to organise and even categories your music so you are ready for any eventuality.

DJM Beat FX vs colour FX Image

In this article / video I will talk about the effects you will find on club mixers. Now, you may have noticed by now, I do lean towards preparing people to play in clubs as running clubs and DJing was what I did full time for almost 20 years and it's best to talk to my experience, but I want to really emphasise one thing and that is all DJ gear shares the same features.

How to handle requests Image

Handling request and drunk people can be the catalyst for a bad night so in this video I will give you tips and insights on how to squash the issues before they arise...

Get out of sticky DJ situations like a pro! Image

In this video I will give you some tips on how to get out of sticky DJ situations like a seasoned pro.

Play / cue buttons on club gear don't work Image

Do you know how to DJ without ever pressing play? This is a priceless DJ tip because when playing in clubs you'll most likely be expected to use their gear...

Connecting your controller to club gear Image

Thinking about using your DJ controller in a club? Or want to know how to connect your controller to club gear?

DJ Volume faders vs EQ Image

People often remark on how I use my volume faders and EQ so today I'll explain why I often use the whole EQ to mix in my new tracks as opposed to volume faders.

I want to learn to dj - where do I start Image

The beauty of learning to DJ is, absolutely everyone can do it. I have taught people from 8 to 80 and most of these people had no background in music or experience of any kind.

Key to DJ success: positive expectation Image

I personally believe how far you get as a DJ is in direct proportion to how far you really think you can go. So honestly, do you think you can be successful?

Releasing content (don't be that DJ) Image

This video is all about how you can get a name for yourself as a DJ and start getting shows because people know of you, as opposed to people knowing you personally because you attend their events.

5 Signs You Are a Great DJ

Being a great DJ doesn't mean being the best, it means much more. Our DJ students all have amazing goals that we help them achieve.

How important is bitrate in music?

I was recently in a studio learning mastering from an audio engineer. If you listen to music anywhere in the 21st century, this person was...

What it takes to be a successful DJ

You may not be a superstar DJ yet but have no fear! There are undeniable qualities in almost all successful DJs. You will also find out...

Creating a Successful DJ Set

Putting together a killer set isn't just about having the skills to mix tracks together. Your ability to showcase music that people respond positively to and putting songs together in a way that keeps the energy pumping at events is what you should be aiming for.

Logo Design and how to do it right

All DJs have their own personal logo that represents them as an artist. It can be a creatively daunting task deciding on a logo that you're happy with but let's start from the very beginning. When should I get a logo?

Playing to your Set Time

Your position on a DJ line up should always be considered before you start thinking about what music you're going to play. It is imperative you play the appropriate music for the time you are booked for or it could be disastrous for the event and for yourself. How do you play to your set time?

How to make a dope Mixtape

The mixtape is the perfect promotional tool for DJs because it showcases your personal preference in music and your skills such as song selection and mixing ability. Before you start on your mix, ask yourself these important questions:

So you want to be a DJ?

Which type of DJ do you want to be? The clearer your vision, the better your results will be as you can keep your focus on what you want. Depending on the environment and audience you prefer, you might want to consider the 4 main types of DJs:

Where can I download new music?

A huge part of being a great DJ is having a constantly evolving music library. Careful song selection and commitment to your craft, whether you're searching, shopping or mixing, are essential if you're aiming to develop a unique sound. Here are sites we recommend:

Evolution of DJ Gear

In the good old days every DJ used 2 x turntables (most likely Technics 1200 - industry standard) and a mixer to play their music. This involved DJs going out and buying Vinyl / records and then turning up to shows carrying their records in crates.

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