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"Sydney DJ School is without a doubt the best DJ School in Australia, trust me I searched everywhere. Andrew wastes no time giving you the skills needed to play great DJ sets that make an incredible impact, as well as opportunity to play those sets at established club events. Highly recommend for people wanting to learn to DJ and get experience playing live." - Roxy Lola

I take complete beginners with zero experience from the bedroom and into clubs

Here's how:


DJ lessons

My DJ program has been tried and tested over 1000 times and always ends with the same result, you DJing at a professional standard.


Practise Sessions

I will give you access to my rehearsal rooms to practise the skills you learnt in class and to work on your own set.



Feedback on Mixes

When you are ready you can submit a mix for feedback.


Club Shows

Get experience playing live at established club events in Newtown.

Preferred Learning Method

So what resonates best for you: one on one classes, group classes or would you prefer to learn online?
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Weekend Group Intensive
Maximum 4 people
Learn to DJ Fast!
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Just teacher and you
4 x 3 hour sessions
Bring a friend option
All classes are at our Stanmore studios

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Welcome to the Wolf Pack - the strongest DJ community in Sydney.

When I first started SDS I thought how can I connect all the students and create a network that breeds opportunities - then the wolf pack was born! This group has exceeded all of my expectations, many times over, and is full of like minded legends that have been where you are now and are keen to help you along the way.

Expect support at shows, receive gig offers and join a pack that will have your back for life!

What Members Are Saying
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DJ Ant Schillaci Image"Casting my mind back less than 12 months ago, I remember (after a life long love of house music ) making the decision to enrol at the Sydney DJ School so I could gain a better appreciation of the art that is DJ-ing. What I got was so, so much more! I learnt about the technology, music structure, music preparation, harmonic mixing, beat matching, about the industry, and how to create my own DJ profile. Fast forward to today and I’ve played at some of Australia’s best clubs and am on the lineup for the BASEMENT JAXX! And so the journey continues....." - DJ Ant Schillaci

Felicity Dick-Smith Image"I spent my youth on the Sydney rave and club scene, dancing and hanging in front of the decks of the greats like Frankie Knuckles, Jeremy Healy, Roger Sanchez, Stacey Pullen, David Morales and Sydney locals Mark Dynamix and Kid Kenobi just to name a few. I would always watch them intensively and wonder what it would be like to create magic behind the decks. Many years later, that fascination was still very much alive. After completing two university degrees while raising my three children, I finally needed to scratch the itch. I enrolled into Sydney DJ School with the mindset of learning to DJ at home or at friend’s house parties in my down time. The lessons with Sydney DJ school provided me with a solid foundation of skills and love of selecting and mixing music. I really enjoyed learning a new skill and accomplish something I had always admired.

Upon completion of my Sydney DJ course, I sent the children off to Grandma’s and threw a massive house party! My friend happened to take a video of me playing a version of Julie Andrews ‘A few of my favourite things’ mixed with a house beat that I created to launch my set for fun. This video was posted to Instagram… and the rest is history… I went from playing in my home… to playing at Home Nightclub! Rodd Richards from Rodd Richards Presents saw the Instagram video, contacted me for a mix and then gave me my first big break at Glitterbox at Home Nightclub in November last year. Being on my first line up with headliners Simon Dumore, Mousse T, The Shapershifters and top-notch local DJ’s was not only crazy, it was intimidating. However, the skills I learnt and developed with Sydney DJ school were the recipe for my success. Since then I have played on the Dimitri From Paris line up at Café Del Mar, Haus of Techno on NYE, a private boat party with Jeremy Healy, on Bondi Beach Radio, Sunset Soulection and will soon be joining the line-up for Souluxe Records at Café Del Mar and Basement Jaxx on Easter Long weekend in April 2020!

I have also been in involved in the foundation of Sydney House Heads, however, have since branched off to create my own event ‘Method Project’ with a focus of supporting DJ’s and growing a community of music lovers. My first event is at Ching-a-lings in March and features Romy Black, Rodd Riches b2b with myself A.K.A Mixed Methods, Disco Drew (debut set), Will Banks b2b Oh Butters, Scott Juda and former Sydney DJ school graduate Ant Schillaci. I am also currently in planning stages to expand events into new spaces, so stay tuned.

What was meant to be something in my down time at home has grown exponentially and is also something my whole family now enjoys. I have met so many incredible people and learnt so much on my journey so far. I am so very grateful for Sydney DJ School for providing me with a solid foundation and continued support and encouraging as my career develops. I am looking forward to the future. If you want to keep up to date with the ‘Method Project’ and future plans, then you can follow my ‘Mixed Methods’ page on Facebook and or Instagram!"
- Big love Felicity Dick-Smith A.K.A – Mixed Methods

Oli Morgan Williams Image"Since doing the Club Ready Course in September 2019 I have played multiple shows and without a doubt Andrew laid the groundwork to make that possible. Playing and getting to know the club gear as well as new tips, tricks and techniques to get the dance floor moving made doing it even more rewarding. The first live show I was offered from Andrew was at the end of the course and I’ve since been invited back to play a number of times and I am now expanding on to new event line ups and new venues. The course was the perfect platform to make this happen and Andrew was brilliant at tailoring it to what I wanted to get out of it. The practice time on club gear was an important and flexible element of the course to build the confidence for upcoming live gigs. Highly recommended!" - Oli Morgan Williams

Tim Drake Image"I signed up to the course with every intention to be able to perform in Sydneys biggest night clubs and since the course I have done exactly that, the course gave me the skills and knowledge to get behind the decks and perform to a crowd cheering me on with every song. The live shows given to me after the course instilled everything I had learnt in class to and I then I had there confidence to approach more clubs. The club venue given to us after the course is a perfect space which allows you to play in front of a large enthusiastic crowd which have a mutual love for music and appreciate your newly learnt dj skills.

After finishing my first live set I was filled with the eagerness to keep chasing more shows for myself and that urge to play in front of large crowds. I would suggest the course to anyone that has an urge to play live. Andrew will get you where you need to be - FAST!"
- Tim Drake

Sam Barlow Image"Sydney DJ School was such a big boost to my DJ Career. Not only did it elevate my mixing, and seperate me from DJs already in the scene, it allowed me to meet and network with fellow and past students, which then led to even bigger opportunities. I owe the momentum to my career to Andrew's course, and highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to start out, or to even revise their prior knowledge." - Sam Barlow

Nikki Carvell Image"18 months ago, after messing around with some DJ software, I decided to look for someone to teach me how to DJ properly. My goal was simply to be able to make my own mixes at home. I began to look for someone to teach me and came across Sydney DJ School. Little did I know that signing up for a course with Andrew would be life changing!

Since finishing my course in September 2018, having never DJ’d in my life, I have played at some amazing events. Andrew not only gave me the skill to mix but also provided advice and guidance that helped get me noticed by the biggest promoters in Sydney. As well as playing a number of bars and clubs in 2019 I was on the line up supporting Jamie Jones @ Home, Petting Zoo @ Goodwood, Oktoberfest with Allfriends, a wildcard contestant in Your Shot and now booked for Reminisce @ Greenwood in March 2020. I’m a resident on Love Dance Radio and co-founder of Sydney House Head running monthly events @ Milky Lane – Kings Cross

Andrews teaching ability really brought out the best in me, his course was tailored to my skill level and genre preference and his club ready course equipped me perfectly to take DJing from an interest to a job, playing for the biggest promoters in Sydney. I cannot recommend Andrew and SDS highly enough – LIFE CHANGING!"
- Nikki Carvell

Margot Image"I went from knowing nothing about DJing to playing my first show in the space of a few weeks. The Sydney DJ School was the first step in a chain reaction of events that led to me playing a live set at Cafe del Mar in Sydney, something I never could have anticipated or expected in such a short time. It’s an achievement I’m really proud of, and I can’t thank Andrew enough for his boundless energy, his expert tuition and his advice.

I was amazed at how much I learned in the space of the 4 week one-on-one course, and felt I had the necessary skills to start creating my own mixes as soon as I walked out the door after my last class. I immediately started creating and sharing my mixes on Soundcloud and social media, and within the space of a few weeks I was booked to play at Cafe del Mar - an unforgettable experience and one for the bucket list! Andrew not only teaches you technical DJ skills, he also provides you will essential insider knowledge into the industry and how to talk to promoters and other DJs to help you get a foot in the door. I can’t recommend this course highly enough! If you have any doubts take it from this old raver, it’s never too late to learn and you will not regret it!"
- Margot

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