Sydney DJ School is the leading and most affordable DJ School in Australia. Students love it! We waste no time giving you the skills and experience needed to play great sets that make an incredible impact, as well as an opportunity to play these sets at established events.

We are the only DJ school in the world that offers:

  • One on one, group classes and world class training packs
  • Supporting video tutorials and online lesson notes
  • USBs with music and training exercises (for every genre)
  • Personal feedback on mix tapes by our events manager
  • Club shows on completion with potential residencies

We are the only DJ school in the world that offers:

  • One on one, group classes and world class training packs
  • Supporting video tutorials and online lesson notes
  • USBs with music and training exercises (for every genre)
  • Personal feedback on mix tapes by our events manager
  • Club shows on completion with potential residencies


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Learn how to use
all types of DJ equipment.


Learn how to beat match
songs with matching and
different tempos (BPMS).


Learn how to count beats, bars and
identify phrases and know exactly where to
introduce your new song to the mix.


Learn how to mix music using
the same methods as the
biggest DJs in the world.


Learn how to use the EQ
so all of your transitions
between songs are flawless.


Learn how to manage your
music library, make playlists
and set cue points.


Learn how to market and brand yourself
so people know who you
are when you play.


Understand what venues will
expect from you and how to
approach venues for shows.


Live Sets

Live Sets

When you finish the course, you will be given live DJ sets at our established club events.

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Event Info

Event Info

We have been running weekly events in Australia every week for 15 years and counting.

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We have been running weekly events in Australia every week for 15 years and counting.

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Bigger Goal

Bigger Goal

We have been running weekly events in Australia every week for 15 years and counting.

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Blake March
Blake MarchOn Facebook
Honestly one of the best things I have done done and has helped me really evolve into the DJ I am. Andrew makes the course so enjoyable and really helps you pick it up quick, and once completed the team after that are awesome to work with!!! Would for sure recommend for anyone wanting to learn or become a DJ !
Andrew Steed
Andrew SteedOn Facebook
Hands Down the best DJ Course to do if you are looking at Learning how to DJ. Andrew is awesome and explains everything there is too know in so much depth and has the answer to every question you can think of asking !!
Alice Robert
Alice RobertOn Facebook
SDS was an amazing experience for myself and my friend Charisma, who took the class together. Having no knowledge at all when we started, we managed to learn how to use a controller and had fun practising and learning with our own genre of music- Andrew is a great teacher, super friendly, and made the class a breeze. Would recommend this course to anyone! Thank you!
Charlie Touma
Charlie ToumaOn Facebook
Andrew is an excellent teacher. I loved taking his course so much that I'm continuing to work with him weekly. His extensive knowledge combined with his fun loving nature makes the time fly. Would recommend to anyone looking to advance as a hobby or career.
Belu Dalvit
Belu DalvitOn Facebook
I absolutely loved this course! Andrew is an excellent teacher and the course is very complete!!! I highly recommend it to everyone intrerested in Djing or even someone who just loves the music as much as Andrew does. Wish it had never finished... Thanks heaps Andrew you are an absolute legend. X
Jack Edis
Jack EdisOn Facebook
Sydney DJ School was great fun, Andrew was really accommodating and really personable, which made the experience very enjoyable. The school setup makes it really student friendly to learn and practise. Since lesson one to the final class Andrew was really personable and helpful. I highly recommend Sydney Dj School to anyone looking to start Djing.
Benjamin Le
Benjamin LeOn Facebook
Andrew makes learning how to DJ fun and rewarding. He's really passionate about what he does and developing you as a quality DJ. If you were interested in starting or want to take your skills to higher levels Andrew is your guy. Would recommend 5/5.
Sitara Ramakrishnan
Sitara RamakrishnanOn Facebook
Best teacher, best notes, amazing course structure and quality of teaching! Best starting place you can find hands down. I now have regular club shows including one coming up ivy's official end of semester party! :) Couldn't have done it without SDS
Felicity Lee Pietersz
Felicity Lee PieterszOn Facebook
This school has changed my life! The course gives you everything you need to know for beginners and hones your intermediate skills as well. I cannot express how valuable it is to have one-on-one lessons with such an experienced teacher. You cannot get this anywhere else! Playing at Tribe was an amazing experience and it has allowed me to explore so many opportunities I never thought possible. You will not be disappointed!!
Sophie Lewicki
Sophie LewickiOn Facebook
Andrew is an amazing teacher - upbeat, positive and always so much fun to learn from. In just a short amount of time I have learnt more about the DJ industry than I ever thought I would have! Andrew's energy is inspiring and his teachings are invaluable. Thank you Andrew for equipping me with the skills and tools that I will possess for the rest of my life!
Ramiza Zee Marin
Ramiza Zee MarinOn Facebook
SDS club ready dj course is the best dj course out there. no other course offers students to dj at their club events. Andrew is an awesome teacher i had the best time learning and gaining experience from him. i would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to start DJing. Thanks Andrew i had the best time :)
Jesse Graham
Jesse GrahamOn Facebook
Andrew is an excellent teacher! The course content and the way he explained everything made it so easy to understand and apply to mixing my own music. Plus he is so passionate about music and teaching his students that I was so pumped to go back every week and learn more. Thank you so much Andrew for what you have taught me, I loved every single second of it!
Sam Saxon
Sam SaxonOn Facebook
Anyone that wants to give DJing a go this is the way to go ;) Awsome teacher and the way he teaches makes you feel relaxed ... great learning experience . This is a course for anyone that enjoys music and wants to try DJing . Thanks again for helping me get closer to my dream... would not be where i am now without you :))!!
Josette O`Sullivan
Josette O`SullivanOn Facebook
I'm a complete novice when it comes to DJ'ing and Andrew has been so patient and thorough explaining things to me ensuring I fully understand each lesson before moving on. His personality is so happy & infectious that I think anyone at any level of DJ'ing thinking of taking a few lessons would benefit greatly from him, I highly recommend his course.
Chelsea van de Kimmenade
Chelsea van de KimmenadeOn Facebook
Wauw! I really loved doing the Get club ready course! Everything was perfectly explained and I got it right away because of that! :) You'll get much more information than just mixing some songs together. It's about so much more than that. And SDS explained it perfectly to me. Happy I did the course! 100% motivated and ready to go!
Ben Salmon
Ben SalmonOn Facebook
Was such a great course opened my eye to how music is made and mixed. Andrew is an amazing teacher would recommend to anyone no matter where your at in djing. Fantastic person had such a great time learning and also meeting a new friend.
Wayne Zhu
Wayne ZhuOn Facebook
Andrew has used his experiences to create a well structured course which is informative, fun and helpful. Highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in DJing.
Ben Saunders
Ben SaundersOn Facebook
Best School and Best Teacher In Australia! Nicest most friendly guy you could meet. The course is excellent, Andrew really packs in 15 years of experience into those 4 lessons! Couldn't and wouldn't be the DJ I am today without this course! I mean garenteed club shows in some of the best clubs around, who can say no to that! Andrew really does care about every person he teaches and will stick his neck out to give every person opportunities in the industry. Dead set 10 stars out of 5 if you ask me :)
Cathy Sergi
Cathy SergiOn Facebook
Hands down the best teacher if you truly want to be a Dj. Andrew is awesome at connecting with people and using an individualised way to teach his amazing skills. I never would have thought I'd be playing at clubs so soon after 'graduating' yet SDS has equipped me with with these amazing skills. Not only do I have repeat gigs and interest from other events, but I am extremely confident behind the decks and it's all thanks to Andrew and SDS.
Scott Cole
Scott ColeOn Facebook
This is a great DJ course for everyone and anyone! Great teacher and not only did I learn heaps but had heaps of fun as well :)
Michael Cabrera
Michael CabreraOn Facebook
Very well constructed course. Each week is better than the next. Each module is carefully thought out and made easier to learn by Andrew's knowledge, patience and guidance. Can't speak highly enough of this course. 5 star review for for a 6 star course.
Neil Mills
Neil MillsOn Facebook
Fantastic one on one teachings. Full of enthusiasm, drive and knowledge. Highly recommended for those wanting to pursue a career in the dj world.
Jessica Bates
Jessica BatesOn Facebook
Having never touched a deck or mixer before, I had no idea whether DJ'ing was something I could realistically do. However, after my lessons with Andrew (who is an amazing teacher) I feel as though the sky is the limit. If you are curious about your own DJ abilities, take the plunge and go to Sydney DJ School, you won't regret it.


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