1Where is the school located?
Sydney DJ School is conveniently located at our studio HQ in Stanmore (inner city), right behind Newtown. Easy access by train, bus and car with plenty of free parking out the front. We only give out our address to students, so people do not turn up to the school unannounced and potentially disrupt classes. If you have enquiries please click here.
2What equipment do you have at the school?
Each room is decked out with the latest CDJ and DJM Pioneer Equipment (the equipment - found in clubs - industry standard)
3Do I need to own DJ equipment?
No, not at all. Our courses are designed to give you a feel for DJIng and helpfully inspire you to want to take it further. If you do wish to buy DJ equipment at the end of the course, we can arrange signifiant discounts for you on all Pioneer DJ Equipment.
4Do I need to bring anything to the first class?
There is no need to bring anything to the first class, but please come on time as we have a lot to cover.
5What happens if I miss a class?
Students are responsible for attending all class sessions. If you miss a class and wish to reschedule, you will be charged an additional $75.
6Can I do the course with a friend?
Yes certainly. By doing the course with a friend you save over $100 each on the course fee.
7Do I have to be a certain age to do the course?
We teach all ages. If you are under the age of 16, and one of your parents wishes to come along, they can come for free.
8Can complete beginners with zero experience sign up?
We teach complete beginners with zero experience all the time. We have a 100% success rate and are so confident in the strength of the course, that at the end of the course we will give you live sets at our established club events.
9What music genres do you teach?
We specialise in all types of music: from deep house, future house, tech house, brazillian bass to electro and progressive house, trance, trap, bounce, not to mention RNB, pop and party hits. At SDS we have training exercises, using your preferred genre, to take you from knowing little or nothing to being a world class DJ in a matter of weeks.
10If I want more training at the end of the course can I buy additional classes?
Yes, you can either do casual classes for $100 per class (one on one), or you may prefer to do our advanced course. The advanced course is 2 weeks (2 classes) and usually costs $295. If you have already done the Club Ready DJ course the advanced course is only $195.
11When will I get my club show?
Once you have completed the course, you are required to submit a mixtape for grading. Once your mix has passed, we arrange shows for you at our events immediately. Our goals are your goals: that when you play, not only do you make a powerful first impression, but also, that you are a good representative of the clubs and the school.
12Can I get a certificate when I finish the course?
Certainly. Once your mix has successfully passed you will be sent a certificate (on request). You will also be offered club shows.
13How is the mixtape graded?
We simply want to hear that you are applying what you learnt in the course to your mix. Main areas are: your phrasing, flawless transitions between songs and set flow. We give you feedback on all these areas to assure that when you play you deliver the best possible set, assuring repeat shows.

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